Comics & Cartooning (CE)

Create your own comic while learning about character design, figure drawing, and storyboarding. Students will use a variety of mediums […]

Art Explorers

Morning: Get ready for some creative fun as we paint, collage, draw and sculpt! Tap into your imagination and try […]

Little Artists Series

Discover your inner artist! Learn how to channel your thoughts for composing, drawing and painting a picture which tells a story […]

Mix It Up

Cut, color, glue, brush, mold – make art ‘mixing it up’ through the exploration of collage, painting, drawing and more.  Each […]


Electronics, circuits, motion, motors, projectiles, simple coding, rockets & robots—all being combined with art! Mr. Jason from Middletown Free Library […]

Happy Hands Art

Happy little hands experience the delight of making art, the process and sense sensations of drawing, painting, collage and more, while learning about colors, textures, shapes using songs and stories to explore thematic concepts…..

Music, Art & Me Program

Energetic and interactive classes filled with love and joy exploring themes through songs, music, movement, art, stories and dramatic play encouraging development, social skills and creativity – great prep for preschool….

Storybook Art Camp

Tales about a beloved ballerina mouse, dancing barnyard animals or wild dances with wild things will leap off the page through the body and imagination of your child. Our literary journey comes alive through dance, movement and arts & crafts. Ideal for little dancers with big imaginations!

French for Kids

Come sing, create and play ‘en français’! Join French-speakers Quincey & Beth as they explore the world of French through […]

Art Soup

Stir it up, Swish and Swirl this creative class throws a different ingredient into the pot with each new session making exploring art an exciting adventure! This winter it’s “Compose a Picture ~Drawing, Watercolor & Painting”.