Hip Hop Jazz

Hip Hop Jazz (ages 9+) is an exciting blend of jazz and hip hop dance styles. This class begins with […]

Little Dancers Creative Combo

Here’s to the beginning of your child’s dance career! These classes are a great way to introduce the foundations of […]

Ballet Basics

Learn basic ballet technique in a fun and creative environment. Students will explore adagio (slow/flowing) and allegro (fast/sharp) movement and […]

Busy Bodies

Leap over the moon and learn to breathe like a balloon! Dance, games and imaginative improvisation engage your child’s busy body and active mind. We will explore space, shapes, movement qualities and patterns in a fun and nurturing environment that blends creativity and physicality.

Little Dancers Creative

Come to dance, prance, chassé and passé! This lighthearted introduction to modern dance and ballet will expand your child’s movement vocabulary, creative expression, and love of dance.

Tap & Jazz Dance (CE)

TAP: Learn to flap, punch, shuffle, stomp, and dig! Basic single steps and combination steps that lay the foundation for […]

Dance Mix (CG)

Using the foundations and vocabulary of ballet technique, this class will also introduce basic jazz, hip hop and contemporary styles. […]