Robotics and Science

Scholars who are interested in understanding how things work will love this class! Scholars will observe basic functions and reactions […]


The premier engineering an design class that exposes scholars to the field of STEM.  Our curriculum is designed to encourage […]

Smart Art

Using technology and simple science experiments, early learners will create expressive pieces that reflect a scientific concept. Projects include: Exploding […]

Creation Station

Basic engineering & design program for early learners. Using common household items, scholars will create their own unique gadgets. Build […]

Creative Science

A science based learning experience that develops fine motor skills  and early education basics for toddlers through observations and hands-on […]

Happy Hands Art

Happy little hands experience the delight of making art, the process and sense sensations of drawing, painting, collage and more, while learning about colors, textures, shapes using songs and stories to explore thematic concepts…..

Music, Art & Me Program

Energetic and interactive classes filled with love and joy exploring themes through songs, music, movement, art, stories and dramatic play encouraging development, social skills and creativity – great prep for preschool….

Spanish for Kids (Cantemos Juntos)

Through songs, art. games and movement, your child naturally absorbs the Spanish language and discovers that learning is great fun.

Art Soup

Stir it up, Swish and Swirl this creative class throws a different ingredient into the pot with each new session making exploring art an exciting adventure! This winter it’s “Compose a Picture ~Drawing, Watercolor & Painting”.