Bugs and Butterflies Camp

Did you know there are more insects than any other animal on earth? Join us as we begin a scientific […]

Little Artists Series

Discover your inner artist! Learn how to channel your thoughts for composing, drawing and painting a picture which tells a story […]

Mix It Up

Cut, color, glue, brush, mold – make art ‘mixing it up’ through the exploration of collage, painting, drawing and more.  Each […]

Little Book Cooks

Enjoy your favorite books as they come alive through cooking! Little Book Cooks will pour, mix, spread, peel, mash, cut, and measure their way […]

Painting Over A Cup of Coffee – Adult Watercolor Class

Painting Over Cup of Coffee (Adult Watercolor Class) Join me for an art session over the cup of coffee and […]

Little Scientists

Do you have a curious little thinker at home? Join us as we make exciting new discoveries in the world of […]

Inventions, Robotics & Machines

Explore the design and engineering process of STEM as we take learning to the next level! Apply basic knowledge of […]

Creative Science

A science based learning experience that develops fine motor skills  and early education basics for toddlers through observations and hands-on […]

Music, Art & Me Program

Energetic and interactive classes filled with love and joy exploring themes through songs, music, movement, art, stories and dramatic play encouraging development, social skills and creativity – great prep for preschool….