Ballroom Dance

Be one step closer to Dancing With the Stars….or at least your significant other!  Join Lisa Oster for an 5 […]

Ballet Basics

Learn basic ballet technique in a fun and creative environment.  Class will progress from the barre to center work and […]

Busy Bodies – Creative movement

Leap over the moon and learn to breathe like a balloon! Dance, games and imaginative improvisation engage your child’s busy body and active mind. We will explore space, shapes, movement qualities and patterns in a fun and nurturing environment that blends creativity and physicality.

Creative Movement & Tumbling

Little ones will experience the joy of movement as they roll like a log, hop like a frog, spin like […]

Little Dancers Creative Dance

Come to dance, prance, chassé and passé! This lighthearted introduction to modern dance and ballet will expand your child’s movement vocabulary, creative expression, and love of dance.

Modern & Ballet

If you love to dance and want to improve your technique or just become more comfortable creating your own movements […]

Tap & Jazz dance

TAP: Learn to flap, punch, shuffle, stomp, and dig! Basic single steps and combination steps that lay the foundation for […]

Storybook Dance & Art

Tales about a beloved ballerina mouse, dancing barnyard animals or wild dances with wild things will leap off the page through the body and imagination of your child. Our literary journey comes alive through dance, movement and arts & crafts. Ideal for little dancers with big imaginations!

Zumba Teens & Adults

It’s not a workout, it’s a party! Zumba’s Latin inspired dance-fitness class incorporates international music and dance styles such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton into a dynamic and effective exercise program.

Creative Garden Dance Series

Fall (Ballet) & Spring (Modern Dance) Come to dance, prance, chassé and passé! This lighthearted introduction to modern dance (Spring […]