Next Generation Kids Yoga

Yoga for 2 – 5 year-olds: Yoga comes to life in these fun and creative classes designed to stimulate a [...]

Martial Arts

Your child enjoys an introductory class to a variety of martial arts. He or she will learn proper technique and [...]

Little Dragons Martial Arts

Little Dragons channel their fiery energy with courage and skill in this fun introductory class to a variety of martial arts.

YogAmi Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga combines unique preschooler-friendly yoga poses with songs, stories, games and simple crafts to create an enriching learning experience.

Chi Kung / Tai Chi

Chi Kung combines breathing, movement and standing meditation to align your body, purify your energy, and reduce stress. Chi Gung and the slow calming movements of Tai Chi join the body, mind and spirit and allow you to be tranquil and centered. Appropriate for all ages.

Pilates Barre

A traditional mat Pilates class focusing on integrating body and mind, breathing, balance and coordination building core strength & flexibility while toning and developing long lean muscles using only your own weight and gravity.

Yoga – All levels

A Vinyasa Flow Yoga class comprised of physical movements connected by breath to support balance in the body. This practice will be guided at a rythmic pace and participants are encouraged and supported in finding their place in each posture. All levels welcome for this practice.