Happy Hands Art parents:

“We loved the creativity, types of projects, opportunity for fun, friendship and exploring interests and talents and that is was not just art but stories and play. My child learned a love of art, to follow directions, listening to a teacher without mom, that there are so many art forms and ways to be creative. Playdough is huge in our house now. We want more!”


Little Dancers parents:

“Lynn, when I watch you with the children, I can’t help but think that you are an exceptionally gifted teacher. You accept each child where they are in their development and treat each in such a kind, nurturing manner.  I am so glad that (my daughter) is fortunate enough to have you as her first dance teacher. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive, talented, warm role model for her. Your bright smile and cheerful nature create such a pleasant environment for all the children.  Thank you for providing such a fun, stimulating dance experience!”

“Thank you for a wonderful morning. (My daughter) recreated class- playing “dance school” over and over again yesterday afternoon.  Looking forward to more fun!”

Busy Bodies parents:

“I have searched high and low for a dance class, and found what I wanted in my own back yard!”

“We had an absolutely fabulous time at class yesterday.  (My son) hasn’t stopped talking about it.  And it was so fun to watch how much fun they were all having.  I’m so glad that you are offering this class.”


Music, Art & Me parents:

“I am writing to you today because I was reminded by Lance this morning just how great an impact you made in the short time we’ve known each other.  We were sitting this morning having a cute conversation about “who loves Lance” and you came in third place! He said, “mommy loves me,” daddy loves me,” and “Miss Allison loves me! It was at that moment that I realized just how much we miss you and most importantly, how special you made each and every kid feel in our Music and Me classes. The children are still singing your songs as they prance (or actually run) around the house. Lance now has his own knickerbocker drum and enjoys marching around singing the song.”

“Allison has an intuitive ability and a lot of experience, that enables her to work extraordinarily well with a group of young children, drawing their attention, involving them, encouraging the participation of children that are shy. It was a rich, age appropriate experience…the interconnectedness of many expressive art forms…”

“We liked all the music, creative stories…the structure and repetition. My child became a little singer at home and took each of the exercises and practiced. He liked the drum and rhyming sounds. He became very independent and I learned to let him “lead” a little more and I think he appreciated that”.”


Cantemos Juntos parents

“The classes are very engaging thanks to terrific music and excellent organization of activities. The kids love learning about animals etc in Spanish and the range of activities (with parachutes, balls and other creative props) keep everything fresh.”

“The class was wonderful… my son and I both loved it! It was a great mix of music, puppets, shakers, parachutes, etc. I loved that you were upbeat and yet the energy in the room never became frantic and I think that the kids could tell that you really enjoy children and that put them at ease. The music was wonderful and the props helped to incorporate the kids well and to keep them engaged. Thanks for a great experience!”

“The songs are very nicely written — catchy melodies with repetition that somehow isn’t annoying. They are excellent learning tools. The children absolutely love singing them”

“This summer I saw my old Spanish teacher, and during the conversation he asked me if… (child’s name)… knew how to speak Spanish. She wowed him by counting/singing to ten followed by “Se contar yo solito” (I know how to count by myself). Yeah! Hasta Luego”.

“Elizabeth is my favorite  speaking Spanish teacher who sings Hola Hola.”