Our Philosophy

Early Childhood through Teen ~ Grow and Flourish

At The Creative Living Room ™ we approach teaching from the point of view that children are born already full of creativity. It is our role to guide and facilitate their natural instincts by providing a loving, accepting environment where they can grow and flourish.

When children are taught with an awareness and sensitivity to the profound connections between creativity and learning, these connections are like perennial seeds imbedded in a young child’s sense of being in the world that when nurtured with care continually sprout. The arts facilitate these creative connections naturally and can provide a dynamic foundation for physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. This foundation can carry them through their growing years with a sense of who they are and a feeling of being understood and appreciated.

This is especially important in the later years when a teen’s sense of self is vulnerable. Our Living Room will be a ‘home away from home’ that celebrates the independent spirit and individual creativity of teens, helping them stay connected in a safe, positive and fun place that encourages freedom of expression in unexpected and exciting ways.

Adults ~ Connect & Re-Connect

We want to encourage adults to think about your own creative needs or wishes. So often the busyness of everyday life takes time and energy away from creative living. We cannot reverse or stop the demands on our time, but we can make simple choices that honor the relationship we have with our own mind, body and heart. We invite adults of all ages to consider or imagine what you’ve always wanted to do – study dance, learn a language, or explore singing, acting or painting.

When Lynn was approached by a woman interested in dance classes, she asked her if she had ever studied dance before. Although Lynn expected the usual – “Yes, when I was younger,” the woman replied, “No. I’m not a dancer, but I feel like there’s one inside me. Can I do this?” Lynn replied, “Of course you can. Everyone can. It’s never too late!”

We aspire for The Creative Living Room ™ to be a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle. A creative outlet that may not have existed in your life, now can. Make time to play again, to connect and reconnect to your childlike roots and wisdom. We are here to give everyone creative experiences to grow from as individuals and as a community.