About the Directors

Lynn Falk

I am a modern dancer/teacher/choreographer and also a mom. I took by first ballet class at the age of 5. It was too rigid for me so I dabbled in gymnastics before returning to dance – this time jazz –when I was 10. I was fortunate to find a phenomenal teacher and technician who had been Ann Reinking’s assistant teacher and I was hooked. Year after year I added another discipline to my study, ballet, and then tap. As a junior in high school, I was 1 of 11 dancers in New Jersey chosen to attend the Governor’s School of the Arts where I was introduced to modern dance.

Though a Biology major, I danced throughout my four years at Franklin & Marshall College with the student company and studied ballet at nearby Millersville University. I had the fortune to work with inspirational professionals who recreated historic works by modern dance pioneers, Isadora Duncan and Doris Humphrey as well as contemporary choreographers. As a junior in college, I attended the Bates Dance Festival in Maine and performed a solo by renowned African American choreographer Dianne McIntyre who, to my parent’s dismay, encouraged me to pursue dance professionally.

After college I earned a Masters in Dance Science from the University of Oregon, where I also taught modern, ballet, jazz and tap to undergraduates. I moved back east to Baltimore and danced for D.C based Deborah Riley Dance Projects and Maryland-based Doug Hamby Dance and Kinetics Dance Theatre. I completed a two-year weekend certification in Laban Movement Analysis which gave me a breadth of ways to observe experience, analyze and articulate dance and all forms of movement.

In Philadelphia I worked as a solo artist, teacher and Managing Director of Group Motion/Kumquat Dance Center. I returned to teach on the faculty of my Alma mater, Franklin & Marshall College and completed one year of doctoral studies in dance at Temple University with a prestigious University Fellowship before becoming a mother to three daughters. I opted not to return to academe, because what I really missed was not researching (reading or writing about) dance, but the physicality and creativity of doing it, teaching and sharing it with others. Upon moving to Swarthmore, I returned to teaching creative movement and introductory ballet/modern classes for children ages 2 ½ – 6 at the Swarthmore Community Center and modern dance in the after school program at The School in Rose Valley.

As a teacher what is most important for me is creating a joyful and positive learning process and experience. I love to be spontaneous and take direction from the needs of my students. I want my students to grow outwardly in their creativity and technique as well as inwardly as confident and happy people. I am thrilled to bring modern dance to The Creative Living Room .

Dylan Davis
Vice President

Elizabeth Bromley
Treasurer and Executive Director

I am a North American who has spent almost half of my lifetime outside of the United States. Throughout my life, my greatest challenge has been how to bring together my different passions: singing, the psychology of parenting and culture. The Creative Living Room ™ is offering me this opportunity.

Growing up, my first love was singing. I would sing everywhere and anywhere permitted. When graduating from High School in 1987, I decided to go to school abroad to the University of Saint Andrews and see the world from a different angle. In Scotland, I shared this passion for singing with many vocal groups, arranging and composing music. During my final year in Scotland, I discovered my second great interest, psychology, and particularly the human experience during the early years of childhood.

A year later, in 1992, once again, curious about how others live outside of the United States, I moved to Costa Rica. There I shared both my music and my love for children with families on the Atlantic Coast. I started a preschool for children whose families had been impacted by an earthquake. After some time, I married; co founded a linguistic center, had two of my three children, and eventually went back to school to complete both a Bachelors in Psychology in Spanish and Masters in Group Clinical Psychology, also in Spanish. As a mother, I found the intricate relationship between parents and children particularly interesting and became passionate about parenting, leading me to read voraciously and eventually become certified as a Parenting Effectiveness Trainer.

After 12 years in Costa Rica, I returned to the United States and began working in Philadelphia. I worked as an outpatient therapist for children, led support groups, therapy groups and parenting workshops for adults. I also led playgroups, therapy and literacy groups for children. While working with these children, I found myself including songs any time I could.

After my third child was born in 2005, wanting to raise him bilingual as I did with the other two, I began writing songs in Spanish for children. Now 100 songs later, I have developed a program for teaching Spanish to children through music, called Cantemos Juntos (Let’s Sing Together).

My philosophy for teaching is to offer a positive and nurturing experience for children where they learn through movement and song that it is fun to learn a language and discover a new culture. With the opportunity to braid all of my passions under one roof, I am thrilled to be working beside three other fabulous artists who inspire me on a weekly basis to constantly improve myself as a professional , as an artist and as a person in general. For more information visit www.cantemosjuntos.com.

Megan Noller


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